SOYOSORIM is a space that combines a house divided into eight life scenes depending on purposes and a small forest filled with local trees.

The front door

It is composed of high-quality of batch, and guest closets and frames that will remind you of the Soyosorim’s light and time. Picnic seats and portable lanterns are ready for you. 

Living room

The low-viewed living room space offers a wide range of objects and books with the meaning of the Soyosorim’s space. Enjoy video and music on TV and sound bar. 


You can meet a dining table and a kitchen that arranged carefully that four people can sit. It is placaed in the background of the outdoor garden.

Outdoor garden and mini garden

There is a small forest at Soyosorim surrounded by Jeju local trees. Spend the wonderful day feeling the energy of freedom that nature gives you. 



In the bedroom of the soyosorim, there is a spacious and cozy bed with an outdoor garden view. Take a cozy day with low light. 


There is a bathtub where you can soak your body while looking the outdoor garden. Have a warm and comfortable time with the bathtub.